I teach private yoga sessions in New York City (and elsewhere by arrangement).
Sessions are one hour, held in your space and tailored to your specific needs.

One-on-one sessions are a perfect way to get personal attention — in an enviroment conducive to asking questions — so that you can learn with more focus, or go deeper into your practice.

Each session for each individual is different. The class may be a flowing athletic practice, a slow and detailed practice focused on alignment, a light-hearted exploration of your most challenging poses, or a restorative class full of gentle adjustments. Ultimately, it is whatever you most need in that moment.

who can schedule a private session?

A private session is appropriate for anyone looking for:

  • a beginner's introduction
  • pragmatic, detailed instructions on specific poses
  • increased flexibility and strength
  • biomechanical guidance for safer stronger alignment
  • special attention for injuries
  • stress management
  • restorative relaxation
  • body-mind wellbeing
  • spirtual exploration

what to expect

Each session usually begins with a short period of centering — getting connected to your breath and setting the intention for your practice. The practice then moves through a set of poses (called asanas in Sanskrit). The asanas build muscular strength while inspiring a greater connection to, and awareness of, the breath. The sequences build in intensity and then taper off gradually. The session closes with a final period of relaxation, also known as savasana. I also incorporate Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage into the session, as fitting. Oftentimes a longer session allows for deeper integration of these techniques.

Sessions usually vary from one time to the next, always with an eye towards the evolution of the practice, as you cultivate the ability to move in your body and spirit with more confidence, grace, and joy.

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