Yoga- or wellness-centered events are an uncommonly meaningful way to gather with friends, close family, or people of like-minds. Creating a conscious gathering sparks closer bonds, while inspiring more mindful interaction.

That doesn't mean being serious. The best times we spend with others are often filled with fun, laughter and connection. When we leave, we feel like we've been lifted, and maybe lifted someone else.

what do yoga events look like?

It looks like any kind of event. Any excuse to gather. Any number of gatherees. It can be a lighthearted way to spend an afternoon, or a special celebration with distinct meaning.

  • bachelorette parties
  • special "Mothers & Daughters" day
  • a wellness night for best-girlfriends
  • anniversaries and relationship milestones

Appreciation. Gratitude. Love. Honoring. Recoginition. The need to laugh.
All are simple, perfect excuses around which to create a gathering.

how does this work?

I help plan events to the degree requested. It may be as simple as an afternoon group yoga session, or it may involve more elements, such as catered health food, hands-on health food prep lessons, a wellness lecture, spa treatments, or more.

Imagination, really, is the only limit, in shaping what your event looks like.

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