Yoga at work is a genius way to cultivate vitality and focus within the workplace.

Even though most of us are acclamated to a busy work day, it doesn't mean our bodies, minds and spirits are particularly well-adjusted to the daily grind, on the very internal levels.

Our modern work reality brings layers of multi-tasking and rapid-fire information input, coupled with long spans of time absorbed in the world of a computer screen. It's no wonder attention and intention become scattered through the day.

To keep physically vital, mentally clear, and personally empowered, it's important to make conscious choices to recreate balance and calm at every opportunity.

So, how does yoga at work help?

Taking a break to become mindfully active impacts how powerfully we can move through the workday. Through an almost-alchemical process, yoga inspires a slowing down of the mind and a conscious moving back into the body. Moving the body in sync with the breath brings a state of clarity and focus.

What office wouldn't benefit from more of its employees being more mentally focused, physically vital, and personally empowered?

session details

Corporate yoga classes are usually one-hour group sessions, but can be longer or shorter if desired.

Depending on the culture of the office, sessions are held in the morning (before work), in the evening (after work), or during lunch. Additionally, half-hour express lunchtime classes can be scheduled for a quick mental boost in the afternoons. Classes are optimally held on an ongoing basis, once (or even more) per week.

I also teach one-time workshops (such as end-of-year and team-building), that are structured to specific considerations.

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